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    Season roundup and list of divisionals divers

    I want to congratulate the Penguins for a fabulous season!  I saw a great amount of dedication and improvement in all of the divers.  We won two of our four meets in a higher division than last year, which shows the talent and skill level that our divers have.  


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    430 practice canceled due to thunder

    due to thunderstorms, 430 practice is canceled

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    Order Your Team Suit Today

    If you missed Back to Pool Night and would like to get a team suit, you can order one here: Team Suit.  If you'd prefer to try it on your swimmer before purchasing, the suit is available at Sport Fair (5010 Lee Highway, Arlington).  

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    New This Summer - Developmental Swim Team

    New this year....we will be offering a Developmental Swim Team for our least experienced swimmers. This team will be for those who are learning to swim and can make it partway down the pool unassisted and can keep their heads above water but may not be able to pass the…

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    New Team Suit!

    Our Penguins will be swimming in the Speedo Reigning Light Flyback suit this year.  You can purchase the suit at our Back to Pool night (May 23rd, 5:30pm-7:30pm) or through our online store after 5/23.  

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    Thank you all!

    Good morning divers and dive parents,

    I wanted to thank everybody for being so welcoming to me as a first-year coach for the Little Falls dive team.  I have had a wonderful time getting to know all of the divers, and am so proud of them for all of the…

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    Lost planner

    Hello divers,

    I left my planner at the pool this morning, and am wondering if anyone picked it up.  It is a dark blue spiral notebook (which was open) belonging to Sarah Halperin.  Let me know if you picked it up after dive practice today (6/25) so I know whether…

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    Sunday's Dive Meet

    Dear Dive Team families,

    First of all, I want to congratulate the team for having a fabulous first meet this past Sunday.  In preparing for this weekend's meet, I would appreciate if you could let me know whether your child is able to dive this weekend, and if so have…

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    Come and meet the dive coaches on Monday 12-2 pm!

    Dear Penguin Dive Team:

    Hello and we hope you're excited for the 2018 dive season at LF!

    1. On Monday (Memorial Day 5/28), during the pool picnic, we'll host a meet-the-dive-coaches event from 12-2 pm.  We hope you'll come and meet our wonderful new head coach Sarah Halperin!  Also, our…

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    ​Flash sale on Monday on last year's LF spiritwear inventory!

    Dear Penguin swimmers and divers:

    I hope everyone is looking forward to a great swim and dive season in the summer of 2018!

    If you want to show your team spirit, we hope you'll consider buying some of the awesome new spiritwear that we'll have for 2018 (available soon).


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