Season roundup and list of divisionals divers

    I want to congratulate the Penguins for a fabulous season!  I saw a great amount of dedication and improvement in all of the divers.  We won two of our four meets in a higher division than last year, which shows the talent and skill level that our divers have.  

    The Divisional Meet is coming up the morning of this Sunday (July 21st).  Based on scores and placement in the meets this season, we have chosen the best two divers in each age group and gender to compete in that meet.  Here are the divers selected to compete:

    8 and under Girls:

    Shiloh James

    Gabby James

    8 and under Boys:

    Sammy Rosenkranz

    Nicholas Best

    9-10 Girls:

    Phoebe Kramer

    Clara Stucker

    9-10 Boys:

    Leo Higgins

    Olly Stucker

    11-12 Girls:

    Sita Valado

    Roxy Thompson

    11-12 Boys:

    Ben Mrose

    13-14 Girls:

    Elizabeth Matal

    Sydney Schwenker

    13-14 Boys:

    Griffin Kramer

    Sebastian Petrilli

    Unfortunately, we don't have any 15-18 divers to represent the penguins this summer.

     If your child is unable to dive on Sunday morning, it is extremely important that you let me know so I can choose another diver for the meet.

    Congratulations again for a wonderful season!

    Coach Sarah

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